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Grieve may be something we all have in common, but it will comes in different shapes and forms for everyone else, it isn’t just those whom passed away we have to be grieving on, but also our lives, our losses, changes, and when we were wondering why it had to be sucked so much sometime, had to be hurt so bad, the only thing we need to try to remember is that it could turn around just like a flip of a coin, that’s how you’ll know you’re alive, when it hurts so much you couldn’t breathe, that’s how you survive.
By remembering that someday, somehow, possibly, it won’t feel this way, it won’t hurt this much,
grieve comes in its own time for everyone and in its own way.
So the best thing we can do, the best thing anyone can do is, trying to be honest when it comes.
The really crappy thing is, the worst part of grieve, is that you can never have the power to control it.
The best thing we can do, is letting ourselves to feel it when it comes, and letting it go when it needs to leave.
The worst part is that the minute u think you are over it, it starts all over again.
It always, takes ur breath away, everytime it knocks on your door.
There are five stages of grieve, which looks different to all of us, but there will always be denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance in the end..


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